Ches-Mont NationalAvon GroveCoach: Dave Whitcraft

2013 record: 8-12

Key Players: Eric Ligda, Sr, P; Elliot Forde, Sr, P; John D'Aquanoo, Sr, If; Joe Thompson, Sr, IF.

Outlook: Ligda is a stopper and the Red Devils should be improved.

Bishop ShanahanCoach: Brian Boyko

2013 record: 7-13

Key Players: Connor Kerns, Sr, Of; Alex Savini, Sr, If; Brendan March, Sr, P; Frank Chubb, Jr, P.

Outlook: The eagles may contend in the National.

CoatesvilleCoach: Hal Ziegler

2013 record: 21-7

Key Players: Brian Brown, Sr, P; Aaron Cummings, Sr, If; Bobby Stewart, Sr, C; Bobby Keuhn, Jr, p; Cesar Asadi, Jr, P; Jared Urban, Soph, If; Jonathan Walker, Sr, P.

Outlook: The Red Raiders will make a run at another district title.

Downingtown EastCoach: Pete Susi

2013 record: 6-14

Key Plaers: Eric Sigovich, Sr, P; Dan Gittis, Sr, P; Pierce Greenleaf, Sr, If; Kyle Ajjin, Sr, If; Nick amicone, Sr, If; Spencer Cobb, Sr, C.

Outlook: The Cougars may be a surprise team in the National.

Downingtown WestCoach: Dave Oleszek

2013 record: 12-11

Key Players: Sean Eshe, Sr, P; River Carbone, Sr, P; A.J. Catanese, Sr, p.

Outlook: The Whippets are a major contender for league honors.

West Chester EastCoach: Scott Kelley

2013 record:10-10

Key Players: Culver Hughes, Jr, P; Alex Corialos, Sr, Of; Shane Springer, Jr, C; Jimmy McGuire, Jr, p; Ian Street, Soph, If.

Outlook: The Vikings are on the upswing.


West Chester HendersonCoach: Luke Mcnichol

2013 record: 15-6

Key Players: Brad Patton, Sr, C; Tyler McCabe, Sr, If; Dave Reitman, Sr, P; Matt Persick, Sr, If; Mark Jones, Sr, Of; Mark Weaver, Sr, P; James Pryleasa, Sr, Of; Chandler Liero, Sr, If; Scott Lorback, Sr, Of.

Outlook: Never count out a Luke McNichol coached squad.

Ches-Mont AmericanGreat ValleyCoach: Matt Schultz

2013 record: 13-8

Key Players: Allen Barry, Jr, If; Tom Allen, Jr, If; Dylan Nicklas, Sr, If.

Outlook: The Patriots lost a lot to graduation but still will will be tough.

KennettCoach: Andy Fowkes

2013 record: 5-15

Key Players: Dave Vilifane, Sr, Of; Matt Kelly, Sr, If; Ian Slicer, Sr, C; Joe Zirolli, Sr, P; Joey Panell, Jr, Of.

Outlook: The Blue Demons will hit and if they find some pitching may contend.

OctoraraCoach: George Hadfield

2013 record: 6-14

Key Players: Dom Lapp, Sr, P; Mark Dastalfo, Jr, P; Justin Gallagher, Jr, If; Chase Thomas, Soph, Of; Derrick McHenry, Jr, C.

Outlook: The Braves are a very young team.

OxfordCoach: Andy Wendle

2013 record: 3-17

Key Players: Joey Boggs, Jr, P; Kyle Price, Sr, If.

Outlook: Nowhere but up for the Hornets.

UnionvilleCoach: Mike Magee

2013 record: 17-4

Key Players: Nick Ward, Sr, If; Drew Jarmuz, Jr, Of; Matt Foster, Sr, P; Alex Pechin, Jr, P; Chris Koehler, Jr, If.

Outlook: A lot of talent for the Indians and the favorites to repeat in the American.

West Chester RustinCoach: Brad Harkins

2013 record: 14-7

Key Players: Mark Osis, Sr, Of; Frank Siderio, Charlie Concannon, Sr, Of; Jimmy Brennan, Jr, If.

Outlook: The Knights will be Unionville's main contender in the American.

Other SchoolsConestogaCoach: John Vogan

2013 record: 15-6

Key Players: Andrew Born, Sr, Of; Steven Born, Sr, Of; Tom Richter, Sr, If; Max Dolente, Sr, If.

Outlook: My pick to win the Central League.

Malvern PrepCoach: Fred Hilliard

2013 record: 25-7

Key Players: Gardner Nutter, Sr, p; Dan Gandieri, Sr, Of; Chris Butera, Jr, P; Matt Maul, Sr, If.

outlook: One of the better teams in southeast Pennslyvania and favorites to repeat in the Inter-Ac.

Devon PrepCoach: Mark Aquliante

2013 record: 16-7

Key Players: Sean Phalen, Jr, P; Zach Schellenger, Sr, P; Dom Hardaway, Jr, C.

Outlook: The Tide could make a run at the PIAA Class A title with a veteran group.

Church FarmCoach: Greg Thompson

2013 record: 12-8

Key Players: Orion Ramroup, Sr, P; Luiny Monergo, Sr, If; Stephan Zaryeranski, Soph, Of.

Outlook: The griffins should be major player in the Bicentennial League.