LOWER OXFORD -- The meet started well for Avon Grove High School girls swim team and then ended on a good note for the Red Devils when they hosted Perkiomen Valley in a co-ed Ches-Mont League National Division meet at Lincoln University's natatorium.

The Red Devils took first in the opening event when they won the 200-yard medley relay with the team of Sophie May, Emma Birnton, Carlie Perkins and Natalie Shupe. They closed the meet with a victory in the 400 freestyle relay with the same foursome.

Avon Grove took first place in four of the eight individual swimming events and claimed the top two spots in diving. But, the Red Devils couldn't match up against Perk Valley's depth. As a result, Perkiomen Valley logged a 101-85 division win.

Things were not as competitive in the boys' meet. The Red Devils' first event victory came in the final race of the day when Trevor Brinton, Stephen Dow, Justin Carey and Kyle Holman pooled their talents to win the 400 freestyle relay.

The rest of the meet belonged to the visiting team. In the eight individual swimming events, Perk Valley swept the top three spots in the 500 free and logged one-two finishes in two other events. Not surprisingly, the undefeated (10-0) Vikes were able to post an easy 110-74 victory.

There were many high points for the Avon Grove team throughout the meet, which was held at the natatorium inside Lincoln's Manuel Rivera Hall. None were as impressive as Carlie Perkins' performance in diving. The Red Devils' board ace erased her own school record when she won with a score of 256.00.


Perkins' dives were inward pike, inward one-and-one-half pike, back one-and-one-half, front one-and-one-half with a full twist, reverse one-and-one-half pike and front two-and-one-half tuck.

The inward pike has a degree of difficulty of 1.7. Perkins' other five dives all were 2.0 or higher in regard to degree of difficulty. She did a lot of challenging dives and nailed them all.

"I was happy with my two-and-one-half,' said Perkins. "I usually go forward a little but I was straight today. And, I had good rotation. I'd been having a little trouble with my front twister but today I was able to get that one back to where it was.'

Perkins also finished fourth in the 100 butterfly with a time of 1:07.92. Additionally, she hooked up with Emma Brinton, Sophie May and Natalie Slupe on the first-place 400 freestyle relay. The same foursome logged a runner-up finish in the 200 medley relay.

"I don't usually swim fly,' said Perkins. "I felt it in my arms on the third lap. I usually do the 50 free or the 100 free.'

The Red Devils were paced by Brinton, who placed first in the 200 IM at 2:12.20 and came back later to win the100 backstroke with a time of 1:01.14.

"I was happiest with my 200 IM,' said Brinton, a freshman. "I think my time is better than what I was expecting. It just felt good. I got a little tired at the end. But, for the most part, I felt pretty good throughout the race.

"In the 100 backstroke, I was going for a better time than what I got. I'm not so happy with how I swam the race. I have to go out faster.'

The other individual winners for the AG girls were Sophie May, who was first in the 50 free with a clocking of 26.27and third in the 100 free at 58.92; and Natalie Slupe, who touched first in the 100 freestyle with a time of 56.25 and placed fourth in the 50 free with a time of 27.51.

"The 50 free was a pretty good race for me today,' said May, a freshman. "The time was very close to my personal best time. I didn't have a very good turn but everything else was good.'

Slupe, another Avon Grove freshman, said, "My best this season is 55.3 so today's time was all right but not that great. I just wanted to focus on what our coach told me -- to kick out on the walls and have tight turns.'

Avon Grove's boys picked up their lone event victory when Brinton, Dow, Carey and Kyle Holman combined for a winning time of 3:28.19 in the 400 freestyle relay.

The Red Devils' top individual finishers were Hunter Clark (second, 50 freestyle; fourth, 100 freestyle), Wyatt Cratty (second, diving), Carey (second, 200 IM; second, 100 butterfly), Brinton (third, 100 butterfly; third, 200 IM), Dow (third, 50 freestyle; third, 100 freestyle), Holman (second, 100 backstroke; fifth, 100 butterfly) and Corey Hausler (second, 100 breaststroke; third, 200 freestyle).

"I knew it would be tough to beat Perkiomen Valley,' said Brinton, who swam next to PV's Kyle Dix (the winner of the fly and IM). "Today, I was just making sure I swam well. Dix was the one I focused on the whole time -- in both races.'

Perkiomen Valley 101

Avon Grove 85 (GIRLS)

200-yard medley relay --Avon Grove (May, Brinton, Perkins, Slupe) 1:58.70; 200 freestyle — Schroeder (P) 2:07.23; 200 IM — Brinton (A) 2:12.20; 50 freestyle — May (A) 26.27; diving — Perkins (A) 256.00; 100 butterfly — Bonsall (P) 1:04.77; 100 freestyle — Slupe (A) 56.25; 500 freestyle -- Thorneloe (P) 5:41.41; 200 freestyle relay -- Perkiomen Valley (Schroeder, Bonsall, Thorneloe, Gray) 1:47.13; 100 backstroke — Brinton (A) 1:01.14; 100 breaststroke — Bernal (P) 1:12.76; 400 freestyle relay -- Avon Grove (Perkins, May, Slupe, Brinton) 3:51.48.

Perkiomen Valley 110

Avon Grove 74 (BOYS)

200-yard medley relay -- Perkiomen Valley (Groshardt, Amdor, Dix, Crane) 1:43.07; 200 freestyle — Thorneloe (P) 1:54.61; 200 IM — Dix (P) 2:00.80; 50 freestyle — Amdor (P) 22.94; diving — Jones (P) 182.60; 100 butterfly — Dix (P) 53.72; 100 freestyle — Crane (P) 51.99; 500 freestyle --Thorneloe (P) 4:59.93; 200 freestyle relay -- Perkiomen Valley (Amdor, Crane, Thorneloe, Dix) 1:34.02; 100 backstroke — Groshardt (P) 59.20; 100 breaststroke — Amdor (P) 1:04.72; 400 freestyle relay -- Avon Grove (Brinton, Dow, Carey, Holman) 3:28.19.