MALVERN — A long-standing pattern is starting to break up and no one at Malvern Prep is going to complain. For years, the annual dual meet between the swim teams from Germantown Academy and Malvern Prep was one of the most competitive rivalries in area scholastic sports.For more than three decades, the teams have squared off in Inter-Ac competition in the meet which unquestionably is one of the oldest in the Delaware Valley. Whenever the Patriots and the Friars are in the pool together, they always bring out the best in each other. However, close team scores have not been the norm in recent years.

After losing by 45 points two years ago, Malvern Prep emerged victorious with a 62-point margin of victory last season.

This year, they held on to the advantage. On Thursday afternoon, the Friars scored 35 more points than the Patriots when they logged a 106-71 league win.

The momentum was so firmly entrenched in the Friars' camp that they didn't allow a Germantown Academy swimmer to touch first in any event. Even more impressively, Malvern went one-two in nine of the 12 events with a few sweeps along the way.


The host team took the top two places in the 200-yard medley relay with the team of CJ Schaffer, Aaron Salinas, Chris Cary and Zach Maher in first and the foursome of Chris Nguyen, Justice Bennett, Hunter Peck and Erik Dresden in second.The Friars also nailed down the top two places in the 200-yard freestyle relay with Billy Beard, Brandon Froczak, Maher and Salinas on the "A' team and Thomas Hadid, Magnus Sims, Dresden and Peck on the "B' team.Malvern Prep also claimed the top two places in the 200-yard freestyle relay with the team with the quartet of Beard, Fronczak, Schaffer and Cary touching first and the crew of Will Schaffer, Peck, Sims and Maher touching second.

The Friars were led by a trio of quadruple-winners -- Salinas, who won the 50 free with a time of 22.43 and finished first in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:00.66; Schaffer, who won the 200 IM with a clocking of 1:55.29 and touched first in the 100 backstroke at 52.07; and Beard, who won the 200 freestyle at 1:45.99 and the 100 butterfly with a time of 52.10.

"Today, I liked the 50 better than breast,' said Salinas, a sophomore. "I felt strong in the 50. I had a good turn and that helped me. Breast was all right. I felt a little tired but I'm not going to complain about the time. My splits were pretty even.'

Schaffer, who will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, said, "The IM was a better race. It was my best dual meet time. I felt pretty good all the way through. I didn't get tired. Back wasn't as good as I wanted it to be but it was O.K. I think I could have gone a little faster.'

Beard, a sophomore, said, "I'm a little upset with my fly time. I wanted to get the pool record which is 51.76. My turns were pretty bad so I'm O.K. with a 52.10. In the 200 free, I had fun. It was a good time for a dual meet. And, it was a lot faster than where I was this time last season.'Other top finishers for the Friars were Cary, who took first in the 500 freestyle at 4:55.90 and third in the 50 free with a clocking of 22.99; Zach Whitlock, who took first in diving with a score of 241.0; Sims, who won the 100 free at 49.46; and Fronczak, who was runner-up in the 200 free at 1:49.28 and the 200 IM at 2:01.28.

"I was pleased with my time in the 50 free,' said Cary, who will swim for Loyola University next season. "I was catching the water better than I thought I would. In the 500, my stroke felt really good. But, I still felt tired form all the training we did over the Christmas break.'Sims, a sophomore, said, "My time in the 100 free was one of my better times. I was just trying to win the race and get points for the team. This is always an intense meet. I had a good start and good turns and paced off the other swimmers.'Fronczak, a junior, said, "With the 200 free and the 200 IM, I just wanted to come out and swim back-to-back events. It was my idea to have the challenge of swimming two 200-yard races back-to-back. In the 200 free, I backed off a little because I had the 200 IM next. I was really happy with my time in the IM.'

Malvern Prep 106, Germantown Academy 71

200-yard medley relay -- Malvern Prep (Schaffer, Salinas, Cary, Maher) 1:38.86; 200 freestyle — Beard (M) 1:45.99; 200 IM — Schaffer (M) 1:55.29; 50 freestyle — Salinas (M) 22.43; diving — Whitlock (M) 241.30; 100 butterfly — Beard (M) 52.10; 100 freestyle — Sims (M) 49.46; 500 freestyle -- Cary (M) 4:55.40; 200 freestyle relay -- Malvern Prep (Beard, Maher, Fronczak, Salinas) 1:92.91; 100 backstroke — Schaffer (M) 52.07; 100 breaststroke — Salinas (M) 1:00.66; 400 freestyle relay -- Malvern Prep (Fronczak, Schaffer, Cary, Beard) 3:20.42.