CHICHESTER -- With rosters that feature names such as Aodhan Gorman, Brady O'Neill, Magnus Murray, Peter O'Sullivan, Liam Warren, Sean Edmonds, James Joyce, Enya Lucas, Elin Powell, Bailey Reigel, Kiera Judge, Bronwyn Hertler and Margaret O'Sullivan, the 2013-2014 Kennett High School swimming team should change its nickname from Blue Demons to Celtics.

On Wednesday afternoon with an assortment of Irish, Scottish and Welsh surnames, Kennett stepped into the winner's circle for the first time in three meets this season. The Blue Demon boys posted a 101-71 nonleague win over Chichester, and the Lady Blue Demons logged a 103-39 victory over their hosts.

On the girls' side, the Blue Demons were led by Emily Becker, the only individual double-winner in the girls' meet. Becker opened with a victory in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 1:03.19. Later in the meet, she touched first in the 100 backstroke with a clocking of 1:12.71.

"Usually I swim the 50 free and the 100 free but I've been trying to get into backstroke this season,' said Becker, a freshman. "I wanted to try something different. Since the strokes in backstroke and freestyle are similar, I decided to try backstroke.

"My race in the 100 back felt pretty good today. It was a good race -- and a good time. My time today was my fastest ever. I dropped a second-and-a half. I just felt stronger because I've been working on it.'


Another top individual finisher for Kennett was Meredith Mitchell, who was first in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:22.98 and second in the 500 freestyle.

"My 200 free felt better than my 500 free today,' said Mitchell, a Blue Demon freshman. "My time in the 200 free was just a few tenths off my best. I was more consistent and my last 25 was good.

"The 500 free was a little slow for me. My turns weren't very good. And, I was getting a little tired near the end. It was a long race.'

Other solo winners for the Blue Demons were Kiera Judge in the 100 IM at 2:12.57, Michaela Clarkson in the 50 free at 30.96, Lauren Hauptschein in the 100 butterfly at 1;08.00, Julia Beldyk in the 100 breaststroke at 1:24.25 and Reigel in the 500 free at 5:55.96.

"My main events are the 100 fly and the 100 back,' said Reigel, a sophomore. "Our coach put me in the 500 for the first time this season. This was my first time under six minutes. That was my goal for today.

"I started out wanting to go fast. Then, I slowed down a little during the middle of the race. I picked it up in the last 100 and wasn't that tired. I also swam the fly in the medley relay and my split was really good.'

Kennett's girls also swept all the relays with O'Sullivan, Judge, Baxter and Reigel in the 200 medley relay; Amanda Haid, Katie McQuiston, Beldyk and Judge in the 200 freestyle relay; and Baxter, Hauptschein, Kienzle and Judge in the 400 free relay.

Kennett's boys won the opening and closing relays with the unit of Justin Barish, Jacob Goudy, Gorman and O'Neill in the 200 medley relay and the team of Edmonds, Joyce, Murray and Gorman in the 400 free relay.

P.J. O'Sullivan was the only individual double-winner in the boys' meet. The Blue Demons' speedy junior started with a win in the 200 IM with a clocking of 2:36.09 and finished with a victory in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:09.38.

"My IM was the better race,' said O'Sullivan. "I never swam either of these events before this year. My usual events are the 200 free and the 500 free but our coach wanted to mix it up for this meet.

"He wanted to challenge us. All my strokes in the IM felt O.K but I was a little rough on my turn from back to breast. Swimming the 100 back was new so it was fun -- and exciting. My stroke felt all right.'

Other event winners for Kennett's boys' team were William Plotkin in the 100 freestyle at 1:07.88, Warren in the 200 free at 2:09.96, O'Neill in the 100 butterfly at 1:04.13 and Gorman in the 100 breaststroke at 1:17.07.

Kennett 103

Chichester 39 (GIRLS)

200-yard medley relay -- Kennett (Reigel, O'Sullivan, Judge, Baxter) 2:16.41; 200 freestyle -- Mitchell (K) 2:22.98; 200 IM -- Judge (K) 2:12.57; 50 freestyle -- Clarkson (K) 30.96; diving -- Schavicchio (C) 118.75; 100 butterfly -- Hauptschein (K) 1:08.00; 100 freestyle -- Becker (K) 1:03.19; 500 freestyle -- Reigel (K) 5:55.96; 200 freestyle relay -- Kennett (Beldyk, Haid, Judge, McQuiston) 2:04.08; 100 backstroke -- Becker (K) 1:12.71; 100 breaststroke -- Beldyk (K) 1:24.25; 400 freestyle relay -- Kennett (Baxter, Hauptschein, Judge, Kienzle) time not available.

Kennett 101

Chichester 71 (BOYS)

200-yard medley relay -- Kennett (O'Neill, Gorman, Barish, Goudy) 2:08.36; 200 freestyle -- Warren (K) 2:09.96; 200 IM -- O'Sullivan (K) 2:36.09; 50 freestyle -- Edmonds (K) 26.88; diving -- J. Ramiers (C) 160.70; 100 butterfly -- O'Neill (K) 1:04.13; 100 freestyle -- Plotkin (K) 1;07.88; 500 freestyle -- A. Ramiers (C) 6:22.78; 200 freestyle relay -- Chichester (Kok, SantaMaria, Ramuesr, Johnson) 1:51.10; 100 backstroke -- O'Sullivan (K) 1:09.38; 100 breaststroke -- Gorman (K) 1:17.07; 400 freestyle relay -- Kennett (Edmonds, Joyce, Murray, Gorman) 4:24.98.