Coaches of the 21 YAIAA track and field programs, along with the officials, gathered in a dry spot. An auditorium at Dallastown Area High School.

The league's track and field championships entered a rain and lightning delay Friday around 7:20 p.m. About 50 minutes later, those coaches and officials were called into the school. They had two options: continue the meet Saturday morning at 10 a.m. or come back Monday at 5 p.m. -- the caveat being no District 3 qualifying times could be counted after Saturday.

They debated. Some coaches expressed disinterest in resuming Saturday because of prom. Others questioned whether the track would be in good enough shape to produce district-qualifying times. Two coaches from Littlestown raised their hands when YAIAA executive director George Shue asked who wanted to return the next day.

Deanne Wenrich, one of those coaches, thought her pole vaulter had a chance to still make districts.

"He got a new pole. He was ready to PR," Wenrich said of junior Brent Chrismer, whose personal record is 12-foot-9. District 3 has set a minimum of 13-9 for Class AAA vaulters.

Wenrich won't get another chance at districts this year. He can find out Monday, when the meet resumes, if he was capable of reaching the mark. But with the coaches' vote to wait around 8:40 p.m. Friday, district qualifying has ended.

As rain trickled down during first heat of the girls' 400-meter relay, Dallastown athletic director Tori Harvey debated with press box workers via two-way radio whether to call a delay. Dark clouds had moved in from the west, but a few lightning strikes made a stoppage certain.

York County Tech senior jumper Ron Henderson didn't get a chance to qualify for districts in the long jump, but he was OK with it.

"My heat was just about to start, but it got shut down," said Henderson, whose long jump PR is 20-111/2, almost 5 inches short of the Class AAA minimum.

He's content with making his first triple jump appearance next Friday at Shippensburg. Henderson won the YAIAA boys' triple jump title with a leap of 42-4 1/4. He already had his spot sewn up for next week with a greater PR at Littlestown.

Fairfield's 3,200 relay team of Shane Schlak, Devin Barlow, John Roan and Devin Wilt qualified for next week just in time. They celebrated near the midfield after finishing fourth -- behind Red Lion's winning foursome of Ethan Gatchell, Nate Pardoe, Nick McCabe and Josh Pardoe -- but the Green Knights' time of 8:16.73 meant they are bound for districts.

* * *

Throughout the regular season, particularly at dual meets, Northeastern high jumpers Matt Beck and Mykol Branch were their own best competition.

Coming into the YAIAA Track and Field Championships, why should that change?

"It usually just depends who's jumping higher that day," said Beck, a junior.

The two were again first and second in their event. Beck's 6-foot jump beat Branch's 5-10 showing. For Beck it was a personal record, one his sophomore teammate has matched this year.

The Bobcat duo saw their season end with their final jumps Friday -- they needed to reach 6-5 to move on -- but leaving Dallastown with gold was enough for Beck.

"We didn't hit districts, but we got a gold," he said. "It feels amazing ... I don't like to brag."

Although, Branch pointed out no other league competitor will move on from their event.

Beck was perfect Friday until he tried 6-21/2. Branch was denied once the bar lifted to 6-0.

* * *

Jay Stone spent his Friday resting and breaking records. The Central York junior passed on the 300 hurdles but set a league record with his 14.14 time in the 110 hurdles. The previous record, set in 1995, was owned by another Central York runner, Ian Campbell.

Stone later came back and won the 400 just before the storm hit.

Another eye-opening run came from first-year Littlestown senior Josh Hicks, who ran a 10.7 in the 100-meter preliminaries and won the championship with a time of 11.0. Another Adams County runner, Biglerville's Brady Wilt, took the 1,600 run to round out the completed track events.

In the field, Anderson Novalin won the discus with a throw of 154-10, and Central York's Donnie Crabill took the javelin. Crabill and Stone gave the Panthers three golds, the only boys' team with multiple victories so far.
@mgoul; 771-2045
   110 hurdles -- 1. Jay Stone, CY, 14.14; 2. Shaheed Mitchell, Do, 15.54; 3. Andrew Moyer, WY, 15.91; 4. Mykol Branch, Ne, 16.15; 5. Andrew Menges, RL, 16.34; 6. Larry Griffin, Lt, 16.40; 7. Chris Steckel, SW, 16.71; 8. Jacob Jayne, Dt, 17.15. 100 -- 1. Josh Hicks, Lt, 11.00; 2. Jaime Nixon-Alark, YS, 11.09; 3. Chandler Draughn, YS, 11.13; 4. Calloway Hatcher, Sus, 11.27; 5. Phil Herndon, KD, 11.30; 6. Isaiah Ritter, WP, 11.32; 7. Alex Cooley, EY, 11.39; 8. Brady Jacoby, WY, 11.62. 1,600 -- 1. Brady Wilt, Big, 4:31.68; 2. Ethan Gatchell, RL, 4:32.68; 3. Jd Groff, CY, 4:34.13; 4. Chris Diaz, YS, 4:39.47; 5. Josh Pardoe, RL, 4:40.32; 6. Joel Zepp, NO, 4:44.51; 7. Joshua Moyer, Dt, 4:45.19; 8. Dillon Westcott, KD, 4:46.13. 400 -- 1. Jay Stone, CY, 49.32; 2. Cody Lehr, YCT, 50.10; 3. Logan Bowman, SW, 50.85; 4. Brady Altland, Dt, 51.28; 5. Adrian Jackson, Dt, 51.60; 6. Wyatt Gearhart, BeS, 52.06; 7. Josh Geesey, Do, 52.21; 8. Brady Jacoby, WY, 52.78. 3,200 relay -- 1. RL (Ethan Gatchell, Nathaniel Pardoe, Nick McCabe, Josh Pardoe), 8:09.19; 2. YCT (Josiah Schindel, Dylan Hartlaub, Joseph DiPiazza, Cody Lehr), 8:13:38; 3. Lt (Billy Stolkovich, Zekial Alejandrez, Garrett Trout, Xavier Sauvageau), 8:13.89; 4. F (Shane Schlak, Devin Barlow, John Roan, Devin Wilt), 8:16.73; 5. CY (Jd Groff, Bryce Lerew, Brook Wilson, Mitchell Crane), 8:25.24; 5. SW (Josh King, Skyler Hunsinger, Kirk Mummert, Jake Biddle), 8:38.57; 7. Dt (Mark Spitz, Sawyer Sourbeer, Shane Sebeck, Adam Saubel), 8:44.44; 8. NO (Aaron Gebhart, Owen Long, Jacob Plank, Joel Zepp), 8:45.91. Discus -- 1. Anderson Novalin, WP, 154-10; 2. Ben Gates, Dt, 150-09; 3. David Shaw, SG, 135-10; 4. Ben Creggar, SG, 134-08; 5. Devon Ackerman, SW, 132-09; 6. Tyler Hewitt, F, 131-02; 7. Dustyn Lauver, BeS, 128-06; 8. Tyler Burns, RL, 127-11. Triple jump -- 1. Ronald Henderson, YCT, 42-04.25; 2, Aaron Bentzel, Dt, 40-07; 3. Jacob Miller, SG, 40-02.75; 4. Kendall Eppley, WY, 40-01.25; 5. Judge Kunce, RL, 39-07.25; 6. Kyle Jules, CY, 39-07; 7. Nick Shaffer, WY, 39-06.50; 8. Calloway Hatcher, Sus, 39-02.25. High jump -- 1. Matthew Beck, Ne, 6-00; 2. Mykol Branch, Ne, 5-10; 3t. Nick Braun, DC, 5-10; 3t. Devon Bohlen, RL, 5-10; 5. Evan Wolfe, F, 5-10; 6t. Blake Kratz, Dt, 5-10; 6t. Austin Himmelright, Dt, 5-10. Javelin -- 1. Donnie Crabill, CY, 155-03; 2. Adam Weigle, RL, 153-07; 3. Seth Ahrens, Do, 151-11; 4. Brain Lehman, Do, 148-09; 5. Adrian Campbell, WY, 147-06; 6. Darren Miller, CY, 145-07; 7. Matt Kline, SG, 144-09; 8. Tyler Moland, Dt, 140-07.


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