1. Scott Fitzkee, Red Lion

2. John Sprenkle, West York

3. Randy Edsall, Susquehannock

4. Bill Schmidt, William Penn

5. Mark Phillips, Hanover

6. Laura Carroll Beveridge, Central

7. Chris Boyle, York Catholic

8. Michele King, Spring Grove

9. Joey Wildasin, South Western

10. Harry "Haps" Benfer, William Penn

11. Jen German, Dallastown

12. Meredith Cox, Delone Catholic

13. Jared Smith, Spring Grove

14. Pierre Ritter, William Penn

15. Chris Doleman, William Penn

16. Bill Khayat, York Catholic

17. Donna McLain Vitacco, Eastern York

18. Tony Koontz, Delone Catholic

19. Rob Keller, Central York

20. Josh Henson, Hanover

21. Doug King, Northeastern

22. Danny Smith, Red Lion

23. Darren Oswald, Bermudian Springs

24. Bill Butler, Kennard-Dale

25. Courtney Davidson O'Brien, New Oxford


Scott Fitzkee earns the top spot because no one was as good at as many sports as the Red Lion graduate.

Single-sport standouts like William Penn's Bill Schmidt, Spring Grove's Michele King and South Western's Joey Wildasin also make my top 10 because they were flat-out dominant in their chosen endeavors, but when an athlete like Fitzkee takes the field for all three seasons and excels to such an impressive extent each time, it's hard to deny him his rightful place at the top.

The same rationale applies for West York's John Sprenkle at No. 2 and Susquehannock's Randy Edsall at No. 3. They each got it done in the fall, winter and spring like nobody else.

There are only six girls on my list, which I found disappointing, but that simply reflects how few opportunities female athletes have had at the high school level in this area until relatively recently.

When these are updated 50 years from now by a new batch of York Daily Record/Sunday News journalists, it's safe to say females will make up a much larger portion of the lists.