1. Scott Fitzkee, Red Lion

2. John Sprenkle, West York

3. Randy Edsall, Susquehannock

4. Bill Schmidt, William Penn

5. Doug King, Northeastern

6. Jen German, Dallastown

7. Donna McLain Vitacco, Eastern York

8. Pierre Ritter, William Penn

9. Chris Doleman, William Penn

10. Danny Smith, Red Lion

11. Joey Wildasin, South Western

12. Laura Carroll Beveridge, Central York

13. Harry "Haps" Benfer, William Penn

14. Josh Henson, Hanover

15. Mark Phillips, Hanover

16. Paul Snyder, Dallastown

17. Bill Groft, William Penn

18. Michele King, Spring Grove

19. Courtney Davidson O'Brien, New Oxford

20. Mike Spangler, South Western

21. Tisen Thomas, William Penn

22. Hal Brown, William Penn

23. Bill Butler, Kennard-Dale

24. Chris May, Biglerville

25. Jon Witman, Eastern York


How do you pick the Top 25 from thousands of athletes over the course of nearly a century of high school athletics in an area stretching from the Susquehanna River to the battlefields of Gettysburg?

Trying to ascertain the most dominant in an area that would surprise many people how good its athletes are was something of a challenge.

Then, there is comparing the single sport athletes, which were usually among the best in the country - not just the YAIAA, to the ones great in multiple sports.

What a fiasco. But what fun.

I do know this: I would take my top 10 to compete in anything.

Not only were they the best at what they did, but from all indications, they were among the most competitive in all areas.

And with an athlete a hate-to-lose mentality goes a long way.

My top five could likely be shuffled and placed in any order, but there have been so many people who said Scott Fitzkee that I was compelled to make him No. 1.

Hey, even I can't go wrong there.

Not that John Sprenkle, Randy Edsall, Bill Schmidt or Doug King wouldn't fit right in at the top, along with Jen German, Donna McLain Vitacco, Pierre Ritter and Chris Doleman.

That's it. I am stopping before I try to do this list again.