1. Scott Fitzkee, Red Lion

2. Randy Edsall, Susquehannock

3. John Sprenkle, West York

4. Doug King, Northeastern

5. Bill Schmidt, William Penn

6. Donna McLain Vitacco, Eastern

7. Henry "Haps" Benfer, William Penn

8. Joey Wildasin, South Western

9. Jen German, Dallastown

10. Paul Snyder, Dallastown

11. Danny Smith, Red Lion

12. Chris May, Biglerville

13. Mark Phillips, Hanover

14. Laura Carroll Beveridge, Central

15. Bill Groft, William Penn

16. Erin Bushey, Biglerville

17. Mike Spangler, South Western

18. Rob Keller, Central

19. Chris Doleman, William Penn

20. Jon Witman, Eastern

21. Pierre Ritter, William Penn

22. Josh Henson, Hanover

23. Bill Butler, Kennard-Dale

24. Mike Wilt, Dover

25. Hal Brown, William Penn


I made my list a few weeks ago.

Then I went back and tinkered with it, moving people up and down, in and out.

I came back again and moved people around.

Then again.

And again.


You get the idea.

Picking the top 25 "greatest high school athletes of all-time" from our league schools became somewhat addictive and maddening, quite frustrating in the end.

Which is good.

That's the way it should be.

My first four picks included the rare three- and four-sport athletes who dominated beyond York County, who dominated the state in multiple endeavors.

Like top choice Scott Fitzkee of Red Lion who set state records in football, won a state gold medal and tied a state record as a sprinter - and even broke the 1,000-point career milestone in basketball, his weaker sport. Those who followed - Susquehannock's Randy Edsall, West York's John Sprenkle and Northeastern's Doug King - all could have played for a Division I college at more than one sport.

So that was easy.

Next came the athletes who specialized in one sport but who even dominated on a national level, such as William Penn swimmer Bill Schmidt.

Mostly, though, we were awed by stunning expertise in more than one sport.

How Biglerville's Erin Bushey was a soccer all-star (playing on boys' teams) and earned a big scholarship - but was still good enough to score 1,200 career basketball points and earn a district track and field title.

How Red Lion's Danny Smith was recruited by Penn State for football and was a high Major League Baseball draft choice.

Of course, the toughest part came at the end.

How do you leave off state champion swimmers and wrestlers and big-scholarship football and basketball players?

Who stays and who goes?

The debate will go on and on, the way it should.