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Coming up with a short list and then ranking the 10 greatest athletes in the history of each YAIAA high school was a daunting task. For sure, there is no scientific approach. But after two years of interviews, research and roundtable discussions, we are presenting as fair an attempt as possible to create an objective list on a decidedly subjective topic.
OUR CRITERIA: 1. The only accomplishments considered were those achieved while competing in high school varsity athletics. If an athlete earned a college scholarship, that was also factored in. 2. Accomplishments outside the setting of high school varsity sports and accomplishments after high school were not taken into account. 3. Athletes who attended more than one local high school were only evaluated at the school where they had the most varsity success. 4. Female athletes were rated by how they dominated their own sports not how they would fare going head-to-head against male athletes.

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This is some of the feedback we received from our Sept. 23 stories on Delone Catholic and our Sept. 30 stories on Littlestown in our 22-week series on the greatest athletes in the history of each YAIAA school.

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I enjoyed your stories on Littlestown, but some remarkable players were omitted.

John McLatchy (1979): In basketball, 698 points and 450 rebounds in his senior year. The team was 27-3, won Blue Mountain League and became the first Adams County team to win a District 3 championship in basketball since World War II. He was Blue Mountain League Player of the Year. And also a standout in field events in track.

What makes his single-season scoring record more amazing is that two other team members scored 400-plus points in the same year. This team is known as Littlestown's best hoops team ever. (Little-known fact: No 1,000-point scorer has won a championship at Littlestown.) John ended his career with about 980 points.

Todd Donnelly (1979): In football, had 10 interceptions for the 1978 undefeated team (still a school record). Was a two-year starter. The 1978 team gave up a total of 33 points all year, with eight shutouts. Was also starting flanker. Starting point guard on 1979 district championship basketball team.

He was also a standout on the diamond, as well. The class of 1979's "Athlete of The Year," Todd was blind in his left eye, which only close friends and family knew at the time.

Chris Potter (1979): In football, considered by most the hardest hitter in Littlestown history. Middle linebacker and defense and running back on offense. Absolute stud wrestler, although knee injury prevented state-title aspirations. Big-time sprinter on track team.

Sherry Ogg (1979): Could have played on the boys' teams in the sports of her choosing. She wouldn't start, but she would hold her own. Played field hockey, basketball and softball.

You're probably figuring out why 1979 is called the "Year of the Champions" around Littlestown.

I noticed in your Littlestown stories a high percentage of players are post-1985 -- seven of 10 in your top 10, three of five in the honorable mentions and 11 of 17 in the notables.

Around 1985, schools started to play within their classification only to earn district points. Prior to that, Littlestown played schools from all classes and beat them consistently.

Now, you see very few schools play up, post 1985. As an example, the 1978-79 district championship basketball team was 3-1 vs. Class AAAA, 17-0 vs. AA and AAA schools and 7-2 vs. A schools -- by today's standard. Levels of competition should be considered.

Closing comment: How do you keep Kevin Harner, Randy Reynolds, John McLatchy and Warren Robertson out of your top 10.

What about a mention for Todd Donnelly, Mike Lippy, Steve Kress, Chris Potter, Sherry Ogg, Ted Worley, Darrell Crabbs and Kevin Showvaker. There has got to be at least one of the Murren boys in your notables.

If you competed with or against any of these studs, you were in for a fight, and I'm not sure how many of the post-1985 players would hold up.

* * *

I want to thank the Daily Record/Sunday News sports staff for publishing the top 10 athletes of the York and Adams county high schools.

As a big sports fan, I look forward to Tuesday mornings to see all the great athletes from the area schools.

Over the past few weeks, I have observed some criteria that athletes have accomplished to make the top 10 or honorable mentions.

I noticed state wrestling champions are consistently listed in the top 10 or honorable mentions. Also, all-state football players and football players that have played in the Big 33 football game have consistently made your list.

I was disappointed when a Delone Catholic athlete accomplished all three of the above honors, yet was not even mentioned on Sept. 23.

Jim Smith was a 1972 graduate of Delone Catholic. He was Delone's first state champion in wrestling his senior year. He was an all-state linebacker and played in the 1972 Big 33 football game, serving as a co-captain.

Jim's football honors earned him a football scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. Jim's accomplishments and honors are similar to another area athlete who was No. 1 on your list in a previous week. Jim Smith was definitely deserving to be mentioned in your list of Delone's greatest athletes.

After the 22-week series ends, maybe the paper could recognize some of the area's best athletes that should have made the list the first time.

* * *

I stumbled across your Delone Catholic segment of "Greatest Athletes." I am from Littlestown and played football against some of the athletes on your list.

I did not see Steve McMaster listed on any of your lists. He was by far one of the best running back/defensive backs we faced in my years playing. Also, I can attest to his skills in basketball as a point guard. He then went on to play at Kutztown State and is now a coach at Delone.

I played against Mark Lookenbill and, numbers aside, I think you missed one omitting Steve McMaster from your list.