Powerful right-hander Tiff Smith was a dominant YAIAA softball pitcher during the mid-2000s fo rSouth Western, helping the Mustangs win a District 3 Class
Powerful right-hander Tiff Smith was a dominant YAIAA softball pitcher during the mid-2000s fo rSouth Western, helping the Mustangs win a District 3 Class AAAA championship in 2006. (Daily Record/Sunday News - File)

This is a sampling of the feedback we received from last Tuesday's third installment of "The Greatest Athletes," our 22-week series on the greatest athletes in the history of each YAIAA school.

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I graduated from York Suburban in the mid-1970s and noticed that no South Western athletes from the 1970s were mentioned. I definitely remember the name of Glenn Geiman, who was a standout football player/wrestler of this time frame.

I know it's difficult to develop a list like this covering such a wide period of time, but would definitely think that Geiman should've been on the list for the Mustangs.

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Well, you sure missed the boat on this article.

What about the South Western softball team of 2006, the only team at South Western to ever win a district title, led by record-setting pitcher Tiff Smith (on scholarship at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.) and catcher Danielle Easton (on scholarship at California University of Pennsylvania).

The past and current accomplishments of these two alone would and should qualify them for your "list."

Just my two cents.

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Your two picks of Jay and Mark Egloff for South Western's top 10 athletes was an excellent choice.

I had the distinctive pleasure to wrestle on the same team with both of them for three years, but at a much lighter weight, though. Thank goodness for that! I know for a fact with all the athletic ability and talent they had, you'll never meet two finer, more humble, down-to-earth gentlemen than these two men.

I don't care what sport or game -- from skipping stones to Monopoly, wrestling, football, boxing, track and even polo -- those two had unbelievable athletic talent and will power to be the best. Whatever the game, they would learn to excel at it and they were always willing to help those of us with less ability or confidence.

Also, thank you, York Daily Record, for taking the time to bring back memories of the past and reminisce. Maybe there are some others who should be on the list or some who were forgotten, but most people know you did your best and we appreciate your effort. It is also good for a little debate around the coffeepot at work.

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I don't normally write letters to the editor, but I can't let this one pass by without raising a few issues.

Last week's rundown of the top athletes at South Western was the epitome of what's wrong with this series. You've got young reporters and the people being used for references are young and don't have a clue who played what sport in the years prior to the 1980s. As a result, you're missing some of the toughest athletes ever from that school.

With the South Western list, you guys missed the mark in three major ways I can remember, and you missed it by a mile. You didn't list Mike Fuhrman, their quarterback for a couple years, who graduated in 1971. He was big and fast and a great athlete who was also about as tough as they came in both football and basketball. Those were the two sports I played against him in, so he might even have played more.

(And he was a great sportsman, as well, which you're not taking into account. He'd help people he'd knocked down from the opposing team off the field and tell them they'd done a great job. He was an athlete with class.)

Why wasn't he listed anywhere?

And an even wider miss was his daughter Jennifer, who graduated in 1997. She won 11 varsity letters from ninth to 12th grade and only missed out from getting 12 when she missed freshman basketball.

I was all-county in both football and basketball, had over 115 scholarship offers, tried out for the Washington Redskins and set records in basketball, volleyball and football at Central York that have stood for over 35 years -- and I only won nine letters. Why is this girl not at the head of the list? You should be ashamed for not even mentioning her!

Finally, you ignored the greatest running back ever to come out of York County, let alone South Western. He was big and fast and strong. And he's the main reason I've got degenerative disc disease and need a cane and meds to walk now at 54 years of age after running full speed too many times into this run-away truck. GLENN GEIMAN!

He graduated in 1971 and was the only running back who scared me. I thanked God every time he ran up the middle or to the other side from me. I was Central's left outside linebacker, and trying to stop him was like tackling a bull! He'd run downfield carrying half the defense clinging to him like a swarm of gnats. No one ever ran like him. He was without a doubt the toughest SOB to ever carry a ball in York County football. He was also one of the toughest wrestlers to come from York County, so he didn't just play football. Unfortunately, he was tragically killed in a work accident while downing trees a year or two after graduating from high school. If you don't have his name on the list, your list is just a joke.

Meanwhile, your West York pick of John Sprenkle was on the mark. He was the second greatest athlete ever to come out of York. (The first was Bill Fry, who played basketball for York High back in the 1950s and I'd be surprised if you mention him.)

If you want to be considered more than just a joke with this series -- and it's a great idea for a series of articles, but only if it's properly researched -- then contact retired teachers, coaches, athletic directors, your own former sportswriters and photographers, and even former players from the various periods and various teams over the period of time you're writing about.

And if you don't revise the South Western list to include Mike Fuhrman and his daughter Jennifer and, especially, Glenn Geiman, then you're just shooting air balls.

Practice makes perfect and you really need to practice a lot more.
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Here is the list of South Western's 10 greatest athletes, as selected by the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

For the full story, go online to www.GameTimePA.com
   --- 1. Joey Wildasin (1989 graduate; wrestling)
   --- 2. Mike Spangler (1994; track and field)
   --- 3. Nikki Lobach (2004; field hockey, basketball)
   --- 4. Doug Seidenstricker (1991; football, wrestling, baseball)
   --- 5. Aaron Brady (1995; football, baseball)
   --- 6. Mark Egloff (1983; football, wrestling, track and field)
   --- 7. Jay Egloff (1985; football, wrestling)
   --- 8. Jared Sullivan (1998; cross country, wrestling, track and field)
   --- 9. Bob Flemmens (1963; football, track and field)
   --- 10. Tom Bingham (2004; football, basketball, baseball)