Hanover’s Derek Wolford works toward pinning Central York’s Jeb Watson during Thursday’s Snacktown Duals tournament at Hanover High
Hanover's Derek Wolford works toward pinning Central York's Jeb Watson during Thursday's Snacktown Duals tournament at Hanover High School. This was one of Wolford's four pins. (Evening Sun Photo by Shane Dunlap)

Derek Wolford may need to keep recruiting for the Hanover High wrestling team.

For the team's Snacktown Duals tournament on Thursday, he moved down to the 195-pound weight class from 220 after persuading fellow senior Justice Forbes to join the team at Wolford's old weight class.

Wolford pinned all four of his opponents to help Hanover win the tournament and was named Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

Forbes, meanwhile, scored six points in his first wrestling match since he was in the fourth grade. He joined the Nighthawks just two weeks ago after taking a lengthy 8-year break.

"The first couple of days (of practice) were pretty bad," he said. "I was out of shape real bad. They got me back in shape."

The recruiting process was easy. Wolford saw Forbes while he was lifting weights at Hanover High School and told him to join the team. Forbes was in the wrestling room the next day.

The two, along with heavyweight Tony Aguilar, now practice together.

"(Forbes is) working hard in the room," Hanover head coach Dave Cataldo said. "He's really pushing Derek a bit, and Derek's helping him out. It's good to have more partners for everybody. You have more guys in the room pushing each other. That's how you get better."

Forbes' addition also allows Wolford to stay at 195, the weight class he routinely wrestles, rather than the 220-pound class.

Wolford started the season at 206 pounds, but has dropped weight by cutting his meals in half and working through arduous practice that helped work off "football fat."

He opened Hanover's first match Thursday with a pin in 54 seconds against Trinity's Thomas Garman. Forbes was then pinned in 3:49 to even the score at 6.

"It almost went to the third period," Forbes said. "I made him work for the pin. I went out there and did my best."

Aguilar then won an 8-4 decision to give the Nighthawks (6-1) a 9-6 lead they lost momentarily until Brandon Shearer received a forfeit in the 138-pound weight class. Hanover didn't trail after that on its way to a 57-24 win.

Central York’s Collin George attempts to break free from a hold by Hanover’s Tyler Wentz during Thursday’s match at the Snacktown Duals
Central York's Collin George attempts to break free from a hold by Hanover's Tyler Wentz during Thursday's match at the Snacktown Duals Tournament at Hanover High School. (Evening Sun Photo by Shane Dunlap)

Forbes was pinned to start Hanover's second match, this one against Central York, but Aguilar pinned his opponent in just 54 seconds to even the score at 6.

The teams traded two decisions and six pins to take a 33-33 match into Robert Shafer's 2:26 pin of Collin George in the 182-pound bout. That gave the Nighthawks a 39-33 lead, and Wolford finished the match with a pin in just 61 seconds for the final 45-33 margin.

"It was an excellent match," Central York head coach Fred DeLuca said. "We had a 2-point match that we lost at 106 that I expected to win and, at 113, we had a 1-point match we won (where) I was expected to do a little better there. It's both young guys, but I thought we would do a little better there."

Hanover then handled Columbia -- which beat the Nighthawks 42-33 to open the season -- with an easy 52-24 win.

"They were missing some of their kids (Thursday)," Cataldo said. "We had some guys back that we were missing (from the opening match). We got some consecutive wins. That gets you on a roll where the guys get in a pattern and things work better."

The Nighthawks finished Thursday with a 53-29 win over Susquenita, which finished third ahead of Columbia. Tulpehocken, Boys Latin and Trinity finished fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively.

"I think we're getting better," Cataldo said. "Christmas was good for us. We got a lot of our technique improved. Some of the guys are really coming along.

Hanover’s Alexander Watson attempts to break from a hold by Central York’s Jacob Robison during Thursday’s Snacktown Duals tournament at
Hanover's Alexander Watson attempts to break from a hold by Central York's Jacob Robison during Thursday's Snacktown Duals tournament at Hanover High School. (Evening Sun Photo by Shane Dunlap)
Our conditioning is in good shape."

"There's some things we still need to work on. I think we're giving up too many pins. I think that puts us in jeopardy when we wrestle some of the better teams. You're never fully satisfied, I guess. If you would be, you're not going to get any better."

He sees the improvement Forbes has made in his two weeks with the team.

"He's battling," Cataldo said. "He still makes mistakes. He's not used to some of the movements. He's still got to learn a lot of things and stay away from going to his back, but overall he's coming along. He's getting some good positioning."

Central York beat Trinity in its opening match before the loss to Hanover. The Panthers (4-3) went on to beat Susquenita and Columbia to finish the day 3-1.

"The reason I like that tournament and dual meet tournaments," DeLuca said, "is my younger kids -- we're a very young team -- we gave them the opportunity to go away with multiple matches. As a coach, you can really zero in on things when you're watching three, four, five matches a day. I learned a lot, a couple adjustments I got to make in the practice room, a couple things we're teaching in the room that aren't translating."

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at Hanover
Pool Play
York-Adams Results
First Round
   106 -- Sam Butler, CY, won by forfeit; 113 --Devon Bentley, T, pinned Ryan Benedict,0 :19; 120 -- Ryan Diehl, T, pinned Richard Blaine, 1:23; 126 -- J.D. Groff, CY, maj. decision Woodson Powell, 16-4; 132 -- Donald Crabill, CY, pinned Chris Kosinski, :51; 138 --Andrew Borsa, CY, won by forfeit; 145 --Leonard Parker, CY, won by forfeit; 152 --Paul Rodriguez, CY, won by forfeit; 160 --Tyler Whitecomb, CY, won by forfeit; 170 --Nathaniel Stephens, CY, Tyler Brett, 2:25; 182 --Collin George, CY, pinned Yianni Kokos, 2:37; 195 --Mike Kelly, T, pinned Jeb Walston, 1:13; 220 -- Jon Altland, CY, pinned Thomas Garman, :47; 285 -- Mark Connolly, T, pinned Logan MinnicHan, 4:23.
Second Round
   106 -- Sasha Watson, Han, won by forfeit; 113 --Devon Bentley, T, pinned Giuliano Graziosi, 1:49; 120 -- Ryan Diehl, T, pinned Bryan Deven, :23; 126 -- Ian Brown, Han, pinned Chris Kosinski, :49; 132 -- Woodson Powell, T, won by forfeit; 138 --Brandon Shearer, Han, won by forfeit; 145 --Tyler Shafer, Han, won by forfeit; 152 --Ian Wheeler, Han, won by forfeit; 160 --Brad Irvin, Han, won by forfeit; 170 --Zack Martin, Han, pinned Tyler Brett, :07; 182 --Robert Shafer, Han, pinned Yianni Kokos, 1:16; 195 --Derek Wolford, Ham, pinned Thomas Garman, :54; 220 -- Mike Kelly, T, pinned Justice Forbes, 3:49; 285 -- Tony Aguilar, Han, dec. Mark Connolly, 8-4.
Third Round
   106 -- Watson, Han, dec. Jacob Robinson, 6-4; 113 --Butler, CY, dec. Graziosi, 8-7; 120 -- Blaine, CY, pinned Deven, 1:08; 126 -- Brown, Han, pinned Groff, 3:50; 132 -- Dylan Lutz, CY, won by forfeit; 138 -- Shearer, Han, pinned Crabill, 1:19; 145 -- T. Shafer, Han, pinned Parker, 6:04; 152 -- Rodriguez, CY, pinned Wheeler, 3:57; 160 -- Whitecomb, CY, pinned Irvin, 5:31; 170 -- Martin, Han, pinned Stephens, 2:34; 182 --R. Shafer, Han, pinned, Collin George, 2:26; 195 -- Wolford, Han, pinned Walston, 1:01; 220 -- Altland, CY, pinned Forbes, 1:15; 285 -- Aguilar, Han, pinned MinnicHan, :54.
Fourth Round
   106 -- Watson, Han, pinned Grayson Pleasant, :37; 113 -- Graziosi, Han, pinned Jeff Carroll, :37; 120 -- Trenton Hagen, Co, pinned Deven, 4:31; 126 -- Brown, Han, tech. fall Derek Zercher, 16-0; 132 -- Alex Hooper, Co, won by forfeit; 138 -- Jordan Halter, Co, pinned Shearer, :52; 145 -- Josh Elliot, Co, pinned T. Shafer, 1:57; 152 -- Wheeler, Han, pinned Andrew Combs, :54; 160 -- Irvin, Han, pinned Nate Warner, 2:52; 170 -- Martin, Han, tech. fall Adam Mowrer, 20-4; 182 -- R. Shafer, Han, pinned Bryan Flory, 1:58; 195 -- Wolford, Han, pinned Ben Hank, :12; 220 -- Vanyel Leytham-Peterson, Co, pinned Forbes, 2:26; 285 -- Aguilar, Han, pinned Juan Acosta, 1:14.
   106 -- Robinson, CY, pinned Corey Sheibley, 1:19; 113 -- Butler, CY, pinned Matthew Mitchell, 5:04; 120 -- Austin Sheibley, Su, maj. decision Blaine, 13-2; 126 -- Johnathan Daum, Su, pinned Groff, 3:27; 132 -- Lutz, CY, won by forfeit; 138 -- Crabill, CY, won by forfeit; 145 --Tony Gray, Su, dec. Parker, 9-5; 152 -- Rodriguez, CY, pinned Kyle Kenny, 3:46; 160 -- Whitecomb, CY, won by forfeit; 170 --Josh Mann, Su, pinned Stephens, 4:13; 182 --Jay Bennett, Su, pinned George, 3:56; 195 --Todd Mullen, Su, pinned Altland, 4:16; 220 -- Walston, CY, won by forfeit; 285 -- Brent Sterner, Su, pinned MinnicHan, 1:18.
Fifth Round
   106 -- Watson, Han, pinned C. Sheibley, 4:52; 113 -- Graziosi, Han, pinned Mitchell, 4:44; 120 -- A. Sheibley, Su, pinned Deven, 1:26; 126 -- Brown, Han, won by forfeit; 132 -- Daum, Su, won by forfeit; 138 -- Shearer, Han, won by forfeit; 145 -- T. Shafer, Han, tech. fall Gray, 15-0; 152 -- Wheeler, Han, pinned Kenny, 1:16; 160 -- Mann, Su, tech. fall Irvin, 15-0; 170 -- Martin, Han, won by forfeit; 182 -- Bennett, Su, pinned R. Shafer, 1:59; 195 -- Wolford, Han, pinned Mullen, 4:56; 220 -- Forbes, Han, won by forfeit; 285 -- Sterner, Su, pinned Aguilar, :40.
   106 -- Butler, CY, pinned Pleasant, 1:58; 113 --Robinson, CY, pinned Jordan Hagen, 1:17; 120 -- Blaine, CY, pinned T. Hagen, 2:55; 126 -- Groff, CY, pinned Tyler Allmond, 1:19; 132 -- Zercher, Co, pinned Crabill, 5:16; 138 --Hooper, Co, dec. Andrew Borsa, 6-3; 145 -- Halter, Co, pinned Parker, 1:18; 152 -- Rodriguez, CY, pinned Combs, 1:18; 160 -- Warner, Co, won by forfeit; 170 -- Whitecomb, CY, pinned Mowrer, 1:18; 182 -- Flory, Co, pinned George, 1:48; 195 -- Walston, CY, won by forfeit; 220 -- Altland, CY, pinned Leytham-Peterson, 5:16; 285 -- MinnicHan, CY, dec. Acosta, 2-1.
   Team standings -- 1. Hanover; 2. Central York; 3.Susquenita; 4.Columbia; 5.Tulpehocken; 6.Boys Latin; 7. Trinity.