York Suburban’s Kayla Gibbs
York Suburban's Kayla Gibbs

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While York Suburban could not repeat as YAIAA Division II champion, senior Kayla Gibbs and the Trojans made a more memorable postseason.

Take their District 3 Class AA semifinal rally from a two-game deficit to beat then-unbeaten Palmyra.

Not too long before that match, after Suburban's ousting in the YAIAA tournament, coach Sonia Guyer had her players write their fears on a card before burning them. Gibbs, the league's player of the year in Division II, shared what she wrote on her card in a recent interview. She also disclosed how she might spend a drive to the high school before a match.

What memory from high school volleyball will stick with you forever?

I don't think there's one memory I can point out. All of my teammates, I'm never going to forget any of them.

After the YAIAA tournament, coach (Sonia) Guyer said you all wrote your fears on a card and burnt them. What did you put down?

I just wrote down fear of messing up, shanking the ball or missing my serves. On the other side we wrote fears in life. I wrote, losing someone close to me. We walked down the street to one of the JV player's house and put it in a fire. I think it was real motivating.

Speaking of your coach, she said at 5-foot-5 you play "huge." How were you able to overcome any height disadvantages at the net?

I really think it was the hard work that needs to be put in. I don't think I would have been able to do it if I came to practice slacking off.

Have you always played outside hitter?

Usually in club I would play libero because none of the coaches thought I was tall enough to play in the front row.

Did it motivate you?

Oh yeah, it makes me want to play 10 times better in the front row to prove I can.

How's your college decision coming?

I don't know exactly where I'm going yet. I know I want to play in college. I'm pretty set on York College. I went to lunch over the summer, and I liked it. The girls showed me around the campus.

Have you decided on a major?

I'm completely undecided about my major.

What will you miss about high school and home, even though I guess you might not be too far away?

I think mostly the people, especially the team. Definitely my coaches.

What sport are you the absolute worst at?

Probably soccer. In gym class one time I kicked the ball for a goal and it hit the goalie in the shin and it came back and hit me in the face. So, I probably suck.

How long ago did that happen?

That was my sophomore year in high school. My gym teacher made me go to the nurse because one of my pupils was dilated. Then the nurse made me go to the doctor. It was OK. I didn't have a concussion or anything.

Will you try any new sports this senior year?

No, I don' think so. Just going to focus on my school work.

What tops your holiday wishlist?

Probably money. I'm really big on saving money.

Would you say you are messy or organized?

I'm pretty organized I think, except when it comes to my room. But all of my school work is organized.

What tops your musical playlist?

Definitely Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball." That's my favorite song.

Listen to it before a match?

Um, yeah, usually on my drive up to the high school.

Are you the type to sing in your car?


Have any of those awkward moments where another driver catches you singing?

Oh yeah. I don't stop, though.

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