South Western High senior Kiera Rebert, a second-team selection in 2007, was one of District 3’s best setters in 2008 and so has earned The Evening
South Western High senior Kiera Rebert, a second-team selection in 2007, was one of District 3's best setters in 2008 and so has earned The Evening Sun's All-Area Girls Volleyball Player of the Year honor. (Evening Sun Photo by Meghan Gauriloff)
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A setter isn't the most glamorous position in volleyball. It doesn't get all of the glory that a hitter will get with kills.

And that's OK with South Western's Kiera Rebert.

Rebert doesn't produce the points that lead the Lady Mustangs to wins. She just sets up the play.

But the senior wouldn't have it any other way.

"As a setter, it's hard because the glory goes to the hitters," Rebert said. "It's hard not being able to take the glory, but I love it."

For her efforts this year as the quarterback of the South Western offensive attack, Rebert has been named as the All-Area Girls Volleyball Player of the year.

Rebert finished the year with 428 assists, not to mention the multitude of postseason honors. Most recently, she was in the District 3 Showcase at Red Lion High School and was coached by Lady Mustang head coach Paul Zeroth.

So, even after the season was over, Zeroth got the chance to coach Rebert one more time, one thing he'll probably miss next year.

"She's probably the best volleyball player at South Western since I've been coaching there," Zeroth, who has been at South Western 10 years, said. "She's a great defensive back row player. Great hitter and great server."

Rebert has had a lot of practice with volleyball. She's been around the game since a very young age. Two of her aunts played volleyball in college and it rubbed off on their niece.

They've even had the opportunity to coach Rebert.


They coached Rebert on a club team for a few years and one aunt is still coaching Rebert's club team.

And Zeroth thinks that factor has been a part of Rebert's success.

"I know her parents, grandparents and aunts were at as many games they could make," Zeroth said. "The support of her family would be one thing I think she would reference as to why she's been so successful for the last six years at South Western."

It's also been the practice, especially for a setter. The setter is responsible for knowing where the other five players are on the court and making the appropriate play.

The game may look fairly simple on the court, but a lot of practice on the players' part makes it look that way.

"Since I was young, that was the position that I wanted," Rebert said. "I worked hard to make it to that position. It's hard to know what everyone else is doing, hard to learn. It's an awesome position."

Rebert's favorite moment of the season was all of the bus rides and camaraderie with her teammates.

"Personally, it was an awesome season," Rebert said. "It was I how I wanted it to be right down to the end. Every game, we took it one game at a time. We had a lot of fun as teammates."

Rebert wants to continue that fun beyond the walls of South Western High School.

She knows she wants to play volleyball in college. Now it's just a matter of choosing where. Rebert has it narrowed down to three schools - Loyola (Md.), Lock Haven or California (Pa.).

Not only is Rebert excited for the next level, but her coach is too.

"I'm anxious to see how she competes at the next level," Zeroth said. "There's not a doubt in my mind that she can compete at the next level. I would like to move forward a few years and see how it works out."

However it works out, one of those schools will receive an excellent setter and a consummate teammate.

"I'm definitely a team player. I'll do whatever it takes to win," Rebert said. "I'll give up kills to see my team win."

Spoken like a true setter.

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