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Biglerville's Carlee Brumgard capped an impressive high school tennis career with a run to the PIAA doubles tournament semifinals. She recently discussed which tennis rules she'd like to change, her favorite moments of the season and which socks are her lucky ones.

Why tennis?

I started playing up at the school at the little kids' tennis program and me and my brother used to play a little bit in the driveway just to goof around. I just really liked it when I started playing it. It just came to me right away and I liked the movement of it and how it was an independent sport.

If you could change any rule in tennis what would it be?

I don't like deuce because when I get there, it just keeps going back to ad-in, ad-out, ad-in, ad-out. It seems like you get stuck in that a lot. So instead, whoever gets the next point after deuce (should win).

Do you have any superstitions on game day?

I always wear a certain kind of sock. I will wear like either these pink socks that I have -- they weren't all pink: they just had a pink stripe on them -- or the red ones.

Who is the opponent that gave you the most amount of fits on the court?


Probably Anna Spoden from York Catholic.

What was the best moment of your season?

Probably as a team, beating Gettysburg when we played them at home during our season. Brady Rodgers is their coach and he was our assistant coach last year, so it made it a big rivalry. Then, in districts, it was our first match, (doubles teammate) Jenna (Glass) and I, it was a pretty close match and we had to really pull out to keep on going and I know we will both remember that a lot. As a singles player, the county title. FileBiglerville’s Carlee Brumgard hits a shot against York Catholic’s Sarah Koury during the YAIAA singles tournament File Biglerville's Carlee Brumgard hits a shot against York Catholic's Sarah Koury during the YAIAA singles tournament championship match in October. Brumgard won the league title and advanced to the District 3 Class AA quarterfinals. She also reached the PIAA doubles semifinals with partner Jenna Glass, and Brumgard earned the Division II Player of the Year honor.

If tennis wasn't offered, what sport would you play?

I would probably play soccer or cross country. I really enjoy running but they run a tremendous amount and I know I would never be on the same level as them.

Who is your role model?

I would say Maria Sharapova

What is your favorite thing to do off the court?

I like to work out.

What colleges are you thinking about?

I am probably going to Penn State Mont Alto my first year, and then my last two years I am probably going to transfer to Penn State main (campus). I am thinking about studying hotel restaurant and institutional management. They had a tennis team, but I am not sure if they will continue having one. It is being talked about now because of budget reasons.

If tennis was like baseball where it had a walk-up song while you were walking on the court, what song would you walk out to?

I would say Roar by Katie Perry

What would you say the percentage is that tennis players at the high school level at some point in the match lie about a ball being in or out?

I would say it every player does it once a game. Maybe they meant to or not but I think every player does it at least once. Maybe you think the ball is out and it really wasn't.

Do you enjoy making your own in-out calls or would you rather an official do it?

I like it in the hands of the players. I have never played someone that was so horrible that I had to have an official come watch. I just think it is part of the game you have to trust your opponent to make the right call.

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