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Ali Posey is a talent. Fast and fluid, with sick moves, the three-time Division I Player of the Year scored 26 goals with eight assists this season.

Posey closed her brilliant career with an amazing 85 goals and 29 assists. The super all-around athlete is also a standout softball player and has committed to play field hockey at two-time NCAA Division II national champion West Chester University next year.

Why your sport?

I was in third grade and a bunch of my friends at Clearview (Elementary School) went to sign up for it. I knew the coach and she was a family friend. I picked it up pretty easy. I remember the first game I hit the first pass and hit it hard and my stick broke in half. I had to use the coach's stick. I was thinking, "Maybe this isn't for me."

Being a field hockey star, what would you change about your sport?

For obvious reasons if there wasn't as many fouls, it would make the game quicker. It's not bad to be a little physical in the game.

You are also very good at softball. How do you maintain the edge in both sports?


They are totally different. People ask how I go from one to the other, especially to indoor (field hockey) right before softball.

What is your secret?

I am always willing to listen and learn better. I played travel softball for a while and learned a lot.

What was it like winning a national title (with Lanco indoor field hockey club)?

It was a lot of fun. With Red Lion we do really good, but you don't know what it is like to get to nationals.

Do you have any superstitions on game day?

A lot of people do, I just show up and play. I tell people you can't get nervous, it's just a game.

What opponent gave you the most fits on the field? "

It's always pretty hard to score against Dallastown.

What was your favorite moment of the season?

The whole season was just a lot of fun. There wasn't a specific moment. Everyone got along, there was not fights. It was fun with my friends.

Red Lion’s Ali Posey, second from right, and Bermudian Springs’ Lindsey Brehm, far right, fight for possession during the YAIAA field hockey
Red Lion's Ali Posey, second from right, and Bermudian Springs' Lindsey Brehm, far right, fight for possession during the YAIAA field hockey tournament semifinal. Posey earned her third YAIAA Division I Player of the Year honor. ( File)

What sport are you the absolute worst at?

The whole lacrosse idea, I never tried in a game. It's probably a lot like field hockey, but ...

Who is your role model?

I wouldn't say anyone in particular. My parents really helped me out a lot. My dad was president of our booster club, (Red Lion) coach (Carol) Gillmen has been so good to me.

Being a star athlete, you never eat junk food ... right?

I just kind of do whatever. I am not one of those people that have to eat the right foods. My metabolism handles it. I play enough sports that it doesn't bother me.

What is your favorite activity off the field?

I live on a farm and we have a bunch of dogs. One had puppies the past couple of weeks. We ride dirt bikes we have land where I live.

If you had a day all to yourself with no responsibilities, what would you do?

Just like to take a road trip. I like driving around seeing rocks, caves, the woods, just going different places.

What is the one thing you do that drives your mom or dad crazy?

Probably if I was away all the time. If I was never around they would be like stay home. I am pretty good at balancing it out.

Who do you talk to most often on your cellphone?

Probably another girl on hockey team, (Morgan Kuehne) has been my best friend. It would be her or my boyfriend.

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